Fartein Valen, Stavanger konserthus

It will be magnificent and an unparalleled concert experience when Beharie and his band make their first appearance with the SSO, just a few weeks after the release of his debut album!

Like a warm embrace – that’s how it feels to dive into Beharie’s musical universe.

The music is deeply rooted in an indie/soul expression. With singer-songwriter-style songwriting, the music conveys a rawness that dares to be both vulnerable and insistent. This combination has led to dedicated fans and critically acclaimed reviews across borders. Finally, this year marks the release of his debut album! “Are You There, Boy?” will be released to the world on October 20, 2023.

Beharie has garnered significant recognition for his music throughout his career. He won a Spellemann award for his second EP, “Beharie // Beharie,” and was also nominated for the same award for his third EP, “Beharie, the Third.” Critics in Norway were enthralled by “Beharie, the Third,” and reviews from media outlets such as VG (5/6), GAFFA (6/6), Aftenbladet (6/6), and Aftenposten (5/6) radiated with admiration. The collective media corps has declared Beharie as the new star of soul music.

GAFFA puts it this way: “The similarities to Frank Ocean, both in voice and melodic flair, are so striking that it’s tempting to take a look at Beharie’s family tree. A bold comparison, indeed, but one must reach these heights to provide accurate descriptions of the talent this man possesses.”

The praise has led to prestigious engagements and one highlight after another. For instance, supporting Leon Bridges at the Sentrum Scene, performing at the official opening of the National Museum, and also appearing at the government’s celebration of Skeivt Kulturår. Other highlights include month-long support tours in Europe and prestigious festivals in Norway and abroad. In addition to being nominated by Swedish GAFFA as “International Breakthrough of the Year,” international music media such as Wonderland, COLORS, and Clash have also fallen in love with Beharie.

Beharie continues to explore new and exciting horizons with his ability to express emotions through a warm, soulful, and timeless sound. In 2023, he will take us on an epic musical journey with the release of his highly anticipated debut album, “Are You There, Boy?,” and, of course, this concert with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.