Music history has fostered some geniuses that in their own way completed their style period. Bach ended the Baroque period. Mozart, the Viennese. Brahms, the Classical Romantic, while Mahler and R. Strauss marked the end of the Romantic period. In France, Debussy, as the sole master of the Impressionism movement.

At the same time, there are brilliant artists that cannot be placed on a specific point in this musical timeline: They managed to create their own unique expression. Maurice Ravel are among these extraordinary masters. His music is admittedly colored by other colleagues of his time like Fauré and Debussy, but still most of his work stands as independent masterpieces built on a distinctive tone language, which takes inspiration from both American jazz, oriental music and European folk tones.

This evening we will celebrate Ravel’s works with Marc Soustrot as our conductor and wonderful Siobhan Stagg as soprano.

Marc Soustrot, conductor
Siobhan Stagg, soprano

Ravel: Rhapsodie espagnole
Ravel: Shéhérazade
Pictures at an Exhibition