Schumann: Genoveva, overture
Tsjajkovskij: Romeo og Julie
Prokofiev: Romeo og Julie, utdrag


Nuno Coelho, dirigent


Fartein Valen, Stavanger konserthus

Tchaikovsky’s Overture-Fantasy Romeo and Juliet was composed following an unhappy relationship between the young Tchaikovsky and singer Désirée Artôt. Prokofiev’s three orchestral suites from the same drama are taken from a full-length ballet that the composer struggled with for almost eight years. Before it was finally given its premiere at the Kirov (later Mariinsky) Theatre in 1940, it had left in its wake a series of cancelled or unsuccessful performances: The musicians thought the music was unplayable, the dancers thought it was impossible to dance to, the choreographers despaired because the characters in the play died too quickly.