The Meet Cute
Clap Hands Let's Dance
True Colours
The Baton Between Us
Second Thoughts
Magic's Gone
The Tent
The Lantern


Komponist/arrangement: Janove Ottesen
Musikk: Stavanger Symfoniorkester
Manus: Christian Eriksen
Skuespiller: Christian Eriksen
Skuespiller: Nina Ellen Ødegård
Skuespiller: Matias Kuoppala
Scenograf: Arne Nøst
Koreograf: Therese Markhus
Kostymedesigner: Christina Lovery
Maskør: Jill Tonje Holter
Lysdesign og animatør: Reidar Richardsen
Regi: Christian Eriksen og Arne Nøst
Orkestrering: Gisle Kverndokk
Dirigent: Nick Davies


Fartein Valen, Stavanger konserthus

We meet an elderly Tom and Jenny, who show us snippets of their life together. Through these glimpses of the past, we get to know their personalities, how their lives merged together, and what brought us to where they are today.

In 2015, the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra brought Christian Eriksen and Janove Ottesen together to work on a truly unique project – they were challenged to write a symphonic silent play, lasting 70 minutes. After seven sold out shows, two prices from The Hedda Award (Heddaprisen) for “Best show of the year” and “Best scenography/costume design”, The Mute is finally returning to Stavanger!