The Mute is a beautiful love story, told without words, with music as the language. With Janove Ottesen and Christian Eriksen.

We meet an elderly Tom and Jenny, who show us snippets of their life together. Through these glimpses of the past, we get to know their personalities, how their lives merged together, and what brought us to where they are today.

In 2015, the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra brought Christian Eriksen and Janove Ottesen together to work on a truly unique project – they were challenged to write a symphonic silent play, lasting 70 minutes. The Mute is now ready for unveiling. Janove Ottesen is the composer behind The Mute, and this is his first large-scale symphonic work. Together with Ottesen, author and actor Christan Eriksen, worked for three years to complete The Mute.

Through this innovative process, the team has become larger and stronger. The Norwegian contemporary composer, Gisle Kverndokk, arranged the music. Jenny’s role is played by Nina Ellen Ødegård. Production designer Arne Nøst, fills the entire airspace with transparent fabrics, cut into different shapes, placed throughout the stage – the animations are projected upon them. Reidar Richardsen is the video animator on this Project. The team also includes the Welsh conductor, Nick Davies, who has conducted the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra on many occasions. Davies has conducted the Nobel Peace Prize Concert for several consecutive years.

Script: Christian Eriksen
Composer: Janove Ottesen
Conductor: Nick Davies
Tom: Christian Eriksen
Jenny: Nina Ellen Ødegård
Musical Arrangement: Gisle Kverndokk
Production Design: Arne Nøst
Video Animation: Reidar Richardsen