We are offering concert subscriptions in two series the Main and the Classical serie. Select in between the Hovedserie (the Main Serie) consisting of 16 concerts and containing the full width of new and old orchestra music. Or the Klassikerserie (The Classical Serie), sving you the absolute peaks through six concerts. Remember that the best experiences are the once you share with others!


Subscription prices:

THE MAIN SERIE (16 concerts + friend concert)

Price groupREDBLUEGREENGREY (row 8 and 15)
Ordinary 4 800 NOK 3 500 NOK 2 200 NOK 5 850 NOK (no discount)
Senior4 100 NOK 2 900 NOK 2 200 NOK 5 850 NOK (no discount)
Child/student 3 000 NOK 1 200 NOK 1 000 NOK 5 850 NOK (no discount)

THE CLASSICAL SERIE (Six konserter + friend concert)

Price groupREDBLUEGREENGREY (row 8 and 15)
Ordinary 2 500 NOK 1 800 NOK 1 050 NOK 3 750 NOK (no discount)
Senior 2000 NOK 1 500 NOK 1 000 NOK3 750 NOK (no discount)
Child/student 1 500 NOK600 NOK 400 NOK3 750 NOK (no discount)



You can order your subscription online via these links:
The Main serie
The Classical serie

You can also e-mail us the type of subscription you would like, along with your name, e-mail, telephone number and mailing address and we will sort out the rest. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the ticket counter at (+47) 51 53 70 00.

Confirmation with the payment information is sent out as soon as the order is registered. The subscription is running until it is cancelled by you and we have issued a confirmation of cancellation to you. Subscribers from the previous year do not need to do anything as it is automatically transferred to the next season.