“Recognition” is a keyword for Klassikerserien (the Classical Journey). At the six Friday concerts in this series you will hear some of the absolute peaks within the symphony music, music that opens to everyone, that has proved long popularity and that many will recognise.

Prices for KLASSIKERSERIEN (The Classical Journey) (6 concerts + friend concerts)

Price group 1 (RED)
2.300,- NOK  Ordinary     1.900,- NOK  Senior     1.900,- NOK Child/student
Price group 2 (BLUE)
1.700,- NOK  Ordinary     1.500,- NOK  Senior     600,- NOK  Child/student
Price group 3 (GREEN)
1000,- NOK  Ordinary     1000,- NOK  Senior      400,- NOK  Child/student


All subscribers will also receive an exclusive friend concert as a bonus. They will there have the chance of inviting friends to a concert. The subscription is also giving other reductions and advantages:

  • Good discounts compared to ordinary ticket sale
  • The same seat at the subscription concerts at Fartein Valen
  • Special offers for selected concerts outside of the subscriptions series
  • Free admission to an exclusive “friend concert”

Discount for couples with the same address

If purchasing two ordinary subscriptions where two people have the same address, a total discount of 900 NOK (in the red category) or NOK 600 (in the blue category) in the Hovedserie (the Main Series) and 400 NOK (red category) or 200 NOK (blue category) in the Klassikerserie (the Classical Journey). Such a discount will not be awarded in price category 3 (green category). The discount is only applicable to purchase of an ordinary subscription.

Exchange of tickets

Subscribers may exchange up to three of their concerts in the series to another concert arranged by the SSO. The exchange of a concert levies a charge of 50 NOK, and have to be made at the latest one week prior to the concert to be changed away from. Already exchanged tickets may not be exchanged again.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us at post@sso.no or the ticket counter at telephone (+47) 51 53 70 00