SSO on Tour


The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra will be visiting Germany twice this year, together with chief conductor Christian Vasquez. The Orchestra will play both at Bodensee Festival (May) and in Potsdam (August).

Since 1991 Stavanger Symphony Orchestra has been touring regularly, mostly in Europe, but also to Japan and USA.

In November 2014 the SSO played in Gothenburg, Sweden with chief conductor Christian Vasquez, and in April 2015 the orchestra performed in Spain (Cuenca, Valencia and Madrid), with Fabio Biondi conducting.

At the Bodensee Festival in May the SSO with Christian Vasquez will perform with the soloists Tine Thing Helseth and Herbert Schuch. Helseth will also be soloist in Potsdam in August.

Touring history of the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra:

2015 Spain (April) (Watch NRK Hovedserien)
2014 Scandinavia: Bergen, Oslo & Gothenburg (November)
2012 Denmark
2011 USA, With concerts in New York, including Carnegie Hall
2010 Denmark and Germany
2009 Germany
2008 Sweden, UK, Netherland and France
2007 Germany and Belgia
2005 Japan
2004 Estonia
2003 Sweden
2002 Germany
2001 Denmark
2000 Germany
1999 Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland
1998 Ireland
1997 Germany
1996 Germany and Sweden
1994 England and Scotland
1992 Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
1991 Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
1977 Spain