SSO Suite


Corporate Culture + Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

The Suite Event is a meeting place for businesses from many sectors, and the gatherings provides an excellent opportunity to inspire clients and employees at one of the finest Concert Halls in Europe. The Suite Events usually involves an inspiring presentation, a drink and mingling with clients and potential partners. The program is wrapped up with a concert at the Fartein Valen Concert Hall. As a member of the Suite you have the opportunity to market your business through the SSO channels, and you do receive VIP tickets and subscription cards to our concerts.

This is an excellent opportunity for optimising the client relationship and networking. This provides excellent value and a great return on investment for you. Please contact our Commercial Manager Ingrid Kristensen at (+47) 416 68 135 or by e-mail for more information.


Equinor Morgendagens Helter, Wintershall, NRK TV-Aksjonen, Møller Bil, Spiseriet, Viking FK, Kulturkompaniet, Marsh, Nov, Møbelgalleriet, OMV, Scandic Hotels and Visolit.